Get Your Orders Processed with Shiprocket now!

You can easily fulfill all your orders and take care of your logistic with one panel using Shiprocket. 

Given below are the  steps that will help you integrate your Shiprocket account with Unicommerce:

Steps to be performed in Shiprocket Account

  1. Login to your Shiprocket panel, go to settings -> channels 
  2. A new screen will open, now click on the Add new channel button at the top right corner of the screen. 

3. Click on the Integrate button near the Unicommerce logo

4. Click on “Generate Pincode Sheet” button and receive the pincode sheet in your registered email address. The pincode sheet list down all the serviceable pincode for each of the courier as per courier priority . 

Steps to be taken in your Unicommerce Account

  1. Login to your Unicommerce account.
  2. Go to settings -> shipping provider and select “Add Shipping Provider”in the top right corner

3. Choose the logistic partners starting with SR such as: SR + DTDC, SR + Holisol, SR + Delhivery, SR + Fed Ex etc.

 4. Go to Settings, enter the shipping provider name, select your desirable Serviceability & Shipping methods. 

We suggest to choose “ this facility to selected pincodes” in the Serviceability fields and add both COD and prepaid shipping methods for your courier provider. Also select " API " in the AWB generation column.

 5. Then, select “Connectors”, add the URL, email id & password of your Shiprocket account to create a token.

6. Now go to Tools > select Import 

7. Upload the pincode file that you downloaded from your Shiprocket panel (Please refer to points 1 & 2)

8. On successfully uploading your pincode serviceability excel you can check the same in the settings -> serviceability section.

That’s it! You are ready to start shipping with Shiprocket.

Now create an order, print invoice and select the courier partner that you would choose for your order. By default the courier partner with the highest priority is selected .