Integrating WooCommerce with Shiprocket

There are three main synchronizations available as you connect Woocommerce with your Shiprocket account.

  • Automatic Order Sync – Integrating Woocommerce with Shiprocket panel allows you to automatically sync all the Pending Orders from WooCommerce panel into the system .
  • Automatic Status Sync – For the WooCommerce orders that are processed via Shiprocket panel, the status will automatically be updated on the channel.
  • Catalog & inventory Sync – All the active products on WooCommerce panel will automatically be fetched into the system, where you can also manage your inventory.

How to Integrate WooCommerce with Shiprocket

Step A:

1. Login to WooCommerce admin panel.

2. Go to WooCommerce Tab-> Settings -> API 

3. Under the API tab, locate Keys/Apps

4. Now click on the “Add Key” Button.

3. In Key Details put Description as “Shiprocket”; Set Permission to “Read/Write”.

4. Click “Generate API Key”.

5. Here, you will get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for WooCommerce. Copy and save them at a secure place. You will be required toe enter these in thee Shiprocket panel.

Step B:
 1. Login to Shiprocket panel.
 2. Go to Settings – >Channels.
 3. Click on “Add New Channel” Button.

4. Click on WooCommerce -> Integrate.

5. Enter the WooCommerce order status that you want to fetch in your Shiprocket panel and switch “On” the Order Sync icon . Switch on Inventory Sync, if required.

6. Fill in the Parameters i.e Store Url, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret as saved from the WooCommerce Panel. 

7. Click “Save Channel Test Connection”.

8. Green icon indicates that the channel have been successfully configured.