Yes, you can print manifest of orders in bulk. Follow the steps given below to download bulk manifests for your forward orders: 

  1. Once you’ve generated the shipping labels for your bulk order, it will progress to the ‘Ready to Ship’ status. Locate the ‘Ready to Ship’ tab in the orders section, this is where you can find your ‘Ready to Ship’ bulk orders. Now you are required to generate a pick up request for your shipments.

2. For generating pickup request, simply select the checkbox against each of those orders. In case you want to select all the orders present in the “ Ready to ship” tab click on “Select all”.

3. Click on the the ‘Bulk Pickup Request’ present on the left top of the panel. You will receive the manifest for all these orders in your registered email ID.


4. All these orders will now move to the 'Pickups' status.  

5. Next, select ‘print manifest’ to print a manifest for your bulk order. You can also print the label and invoice for all the orders present in the manifest ID.

6. You will be redirected to a PDF file containing the manifest. You can download/print this file.