Welcome to Shiprocket! To create or add orders, please follow the steps below:

I) Log in to your registered account. Go to the left-side bar and click on 'Orders'. 

II) Now, click on the 'Add Order' button located on the top-right corner of your screen. Please take the reference from the image given below:

II) Here you'll see two options:

Forward Order - An order you create to ship your product(s) to the buyer. This happens when a customer places an order at your website/eCommerce page.

Return Order - An order you create to get your product back from the customer. This happens when a customer places a return request. 

Select the option as per your requirement.

For Forward Order: The information required for creating a forward order is given below:

  1. Buyer Details
  2. Order Details
  3. Pickup Address
  4. Package Weight
  5. Other Details, if any

Add your Buyer Details

While entering your buyer details, please make sure you are entering the correct phone number and email ID. We will use this information in all future shipment tracking communication with your buyer.

Enter your buyer’s complete address

Please enter the correct address of your buyer here. We suggest you add the ‘landmark’ to help the courier executive easily locate the buyer’s address. 

Note: Mention the company name if it’s a B2B order.

Next, enter the billing address

Please select the field ‘Billing Address is Same as Delivery Address’ if both addresses are the same. You can enter a different billing address as well.

Review the information and click next to proceed.

Fill your Order Details

Start by filling your order details like; Order ID (Generate an Order ID if you don’t have one), Order Date (the date on which you have received the order), and Order Channel (For e.g; your website, marketplaces, social media, etc).

Next, add your product details

Please enter the product name, quantity and per-unit price. We’ll recommend you to add the discounted amount and tax rate if any applicable.

Now, select your payment mode and other charges

In the payment mode, select ‘Prepaid’ if you have already received the payment from your customer. Please select ‘COD’ if you need to collect the cash amount from your customer at the time of delivery.

Other than this, enter any other charges you would want to include in the buyer shipping invoice. 

Please check the total amount before clicking ‘Next’ to proceed.

Choose your pickup address

Pickup address is your business location or from where the shipment originates. Select the one you have already provided or add a new one.

Things to remember while entering your Package’s Weight and Dimensions

a) Weigh your package with its packaging.

b) Enter the correct weight and dimensions to avoid any weight dispute.

c) The final shipment weight is calculated by comparing the actual weight with the dimensional weight, whichever is higher.

d) Put your shipment’s actual weight in kilograms and dimensions in centimetres only.

Enter Additional Details if you have any

These details are seller specific and optional to enter:

Reseller Name: You can enter the reseller name if you are shipping on someone’s behalf.

Eway Bill Number: If your shipment’s value is greater than Rs. 50000, you need to enter the Eway bill number. 

GSTIN Number: If your buyer has provided his/her GSTIN, then you can enter the same here.

Finally, click on ‘Add Order’ to complete the process.