Welcome to Shiprocket! To create or add orders, please follow the steps below:

I) Log in to your registered account. Go to the left-side bar and click on 'Orders'. 

II) Now, click on the 'Add Order' button located on the top-right corner of your screen. Please take the reference from the image given below:

II) Here you'll see two options:

Forward Order - An order you create to ship your product(s) to the buyer. This happens when a customer places an order at your website/ecommerce page.

Return Order - An order you create to get your product back from the customer. This happens when a customer places a return request. 

Select the option as per your requirement. 

For Forward Order: The information required for creating a forward order is given below:

  1. Customer Details
  2. Pickup Details
  3. Product Details
  4. Payment Details

Customer Details:
Here you need to fill the customer's billing address, contact details, etc. It's important that you fill the correct information to avoid any delivery failures.

Other than that, fill the Order ID (a unique no. or identifier of your order) and Channel Name (Amazon, Shopify, Manual, etc).

Pickup Details

In this section, you will need to select the pickup address (sender address or pickup point of your shipment). You will also need to enter your Eway Bill No. if your order value is greater than INR 50000. 

Product Details
If you’re shipping a mobile phone, please check the IMEI/Serial Number field, otherwise you can ignore this. Enter the product name, SKU (if you dont have a SKU code, you can enter any unique identifier code for your product). Fill the other relevant information like - Price, Discount if any, Weight and Dimensions. 

Note: The shipping charge is calculated on the basis of Actual weight vs. Dimensional weight, whichever is heavier. Please try to put the correct weight in order to avoid any future weight discrepancies. 

Payment Details

Carefully select the payment method for your order - Prepaid or COD. Finally, click on 'Add Order' to create your forward order.