Given below is the definition for the different type of weight terminology used in the platform:-

  • Entered Weight:  It is the weight that is provided to the shipment/order while processing an Order. (Note : The system takes 0.5 Kg as the minimum default weight for the shipment)
  • Volumetric Weight : It is weight calculated based on the dimensions ( L, B, H) entered for an order. This weight is calculated as (LxBxH)/5000 which measures the amount of space that an order will take in the carrier. The base factor to calculate the volumetic weight might vary for different courier partners.
  • Applied Weight : It is higher of two weights entered by the user i.e entered and volumetric weight on which the shipping charges are calculated.
  • Charged Weight: The weight that the courier company charges for the shipment.

ShipRocket allows you to notice the final charged weight in the weight reconciliation tab.

 For your convenience, there is an option to export the weight reconciliation sheet for your reference. The download icon at top right corner is highlighted in the image below. To do so-

  1. Go to the Billing option in the left panel
  2. Then navigate to the Weight Reconciliation tab
  3. Click on the export option on the right side of the screen to download the report for all your orders.