At ShipRocket, you can find two types of Invoices. One is the Saas invoice and other is freight invoice.  

Saas invoice: It is a receipt of your purchased plans at ShipRocket.

Freight invoice: It is an invoice for the payments charged for shipping your orders through ShipRocket. 

To see your freight invoice-

  1. Goto Billing→ Invoices
  2. Here you can see the details like Invoice Id, Invoice date, Due date, Total, Status and Action.
  3. There are three kinds of status: Paid, Unpaid and Cancelled
  4. Paid: These are the invoices for which you have already paid from either your ShipRocket wallet credits or by paying externally.
  5. Unpaid: These are the invoices that are due for payment.
  6. Canceled: These are the invoice that has the status of canceled orders.

      4. You can click on View Invoice option to view a particular invoice.