We understand that as a seller or businessman one needs to take care of the amount to be received from us for your shipments.  At ShipRocket, you can easily view the COD amount that is pending to be remitted.

To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below-

Click on “Billing” option in the left panel than navigate to Remittance logs tab.  The top 4 boxes as shown in the image below gives you the snapshot of your COD remittance amount till date with Shiprocket.

  1. COD Available: Total amount of COD amount yet to remitted.
  2. Last COD remitted: Most recent COD remittance amount
  3. Total COD Remitted ( In last 30 days): This block tells the COD amount that has been remitted in the last 30 days fro 22nd June onwards.
  4. Remittance Initiated: This block tells how much COD amount is intiated by ShipRocket and will be remitted.