It is indeed possible to generate labels in bulk. Described is the process for generating and printing a label for a single order, followed by generating labels in bulk. 

To see your orders, which are created in system or fetched from the channels, go to the Orders tab, followed by the Processing section.

I) Generating Label for a Single Order:

Step 1 : Click on the  button, and a popup will be shown with list of serviceable courier partners. Select the courier partner and click on the “Ship” button to generate label.

The label will be generated and ready to be downloaded for the order.

Step 2: Once the label is generated, a popup is shown where you can choose to “Request Pickup”. The pickup request to the courier company will be sent.

You can opt for “Request Later”. The order is automatically moved to “Pending”screen under Manifest,  with order status “Ready To Ship” and Shipment details updated.

II) Generating Labels in Bulk :

Step 1: Select orders for which you want to generate Label and click on  followed by Label

You will then receive a notification popup. Once the label is generated for all the orders, you will receive a mail for the same, with a link to print the labels.

All the selected orders will automatically be moved to “Ready To Ship” status in the Pending tab under the Manifest section to further Generate Manifest for the orders.

In case you have skipped on printing any label., you can go to the Pending tab under the Manifest section to print it.