Now use the Shiprocket App on Shopify App Store to automatically bulk process your orders.

Installation process: 

1.Login to your Shopify account

2.Visit Shopify App store

3.Search for Shiprocket

4.Click on Get/Install App.

5.If you are already selling on Shiprocket, you will be redirected to your Shiprocket account and Shopify channel will be created.

6.If you don't sell on Shiprocket, an account will be created for you and you will be billed for your shipments.

7.Post installation, on your Shopify Order screen to multi-select you can click on Bulk Actions drop-down menu, select the orders you want to bulk invoice and then click on the “Ship with Shiprocket" CTA.

8.The orders which you had selected will be Invoiced and a courier will be assigned in Bulk, marking them as Ready to Ship.