FedEx is one of the most trusted and reputed carriers in the world. To help you achieve the most convenient shipping experience, ShipRocket has tied up with FedEx as one of our carrier partners for international shipping. The broad process for integrating FedEx with ShipRocket is:

1) Sending Documents to Fedex

2) Getting Response from Fedex:

     a) Approval

     b) Rejection

3) Getting Subaccount ID

4) Signup on Fedex panel & Generating Credentials

5) Using generated credentials to integrate Fedex

Detailed Explanation of Process

1.Sending Documents to Fedex:

 Once you update the document, simply click on button “Send for Verification”, on which an email shall be sent to FedEx, with all the documents attached and Email in a certain format and your details.

Kartrocket ID : XYZ fashion-hub 

Company Name  : 

Seller Name : XYX FASHION HUB 

Addresses : Pickup address 


City: New Delhi 

State: DL 

Country: India 

Mobile Number: 0000000000 

Telephone Number:  

E-mail Address:

IEC Code:


Email ID : To :

FedEx email,,

2.Getting Response from Fedex 

a) Approval: In case all the documents shared to the FedEx team gets approved after physical visit from their end (48 hours after they get the documentation from the seller), they will share an “Account Id” to the seller over mail, and a confirmation mail will be sent to Shiprocket Team as well. Once documents are sent to FedEx through email first verification will be done and Subaccount ID  will be created by FedEx for seller. Then seller needs to send physical copies of documents to FedEx through courier for final check which is mandatory part as per FedEx. Without receiving physical documents FedEx won’t activate that sub account.

b) Rejection: In case any of the document gets rejected prior/post physical visit from the FedEx Team, a mail will be sent by the FedEx team to your ShipRocket email id (the id from which documents were shared to FedEx team). On receiving the mail, the support team will interact with the seller to get the new documents. It will be updated in “Admin Panel” by support team corresponding to client’s account.    

3. Getting Subaccount ID:

Once the documents are verified by FedEx team, an account id is created for you and shared via email.  ShipRocket email id will not be included in that email due to security and privacy concerns, but the ShipRocket team will get a mail stating that the request shared is approved. 

Once the approval is received over email, the support team will send a mail to client with video/documentation having steps on “How to Integrate Fedex for International shipment”.

 4. Signup on Fedex panel & Generating Credentials:

This can be done on your end as well as be supported by a customer care personnel who will assist you once you signing up on FedEx by generating the credentials.   

5. Using generated credentials to integrate Fedex:

The credentials will be entered in the ShipRocket system once they are generated. The credentials generated will be the live credentials. You need to inform the same to us by replying on “” Or “”. Once the support team receives the mail from FedEx they shall activate FedEx as a courier partner.